When I first went to Thom, I was having frequent migraines and menstrual cramps that were worse than having the flu. I was taking a lot of over-the-counter medications to cope with these problems and I was very concerned with the long-term damage these medications were doing to my body. The treatments helped me so much that now I rarely get the migraines that used to plague me every day. I am no longer constantly taking medication and am in much less pain. — Veronica
My knee was swollen for almost 2 weeks. I had no idea what to do about it. I saw the Groupon and thought I would try something completely different. Thom was great. My knee felt better in 3 sessions. — Greg
Acupuncture has changed my life, and it's because of Thom. The majority of our time was spent taking care of re-occuring back issues, as well as focusing on my constant struggle with digestion. Through a series of treatments, I found that not only was my body responding well to Thom's sessions but that my mind and spirit were better. Eventually, I was visiting Thom and did not have immediate or intense back pain or digestion problems; I just knew that acupuncture made me feel better, stronger, and healthier. To this day, my back problems are far less serious or frequent. — Charles
Working with Thom is always amazing. He never fails at making total sense of whatever craziness is going on in my life and how it is affecting my body. I always leave feeling refreshed and ready to take on my next big challenge, whatever that may be. — Laurie
I highly recommend Thom Heil for anyone seeking great improvements in health and excellent results through acupuncture. Thom treated me for several health issues related to a tumor on the master gland of my brain. Over a series of treatments, I experienced consistently great and beneficial results, especially in terms of an increase in my energy! — Melissa